Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Vinny's Birth Story

I can't believe it's been almost three months since Vinny was born! Boy did that fly by. 
I tell all my friends that are expecting or trying for their second child- its so much easier with the second.  Now don't get me wrong.. it's tough adjusting to two needy kids, but I mean it is a lot easier bringing home a newborn having the knowledge of already going through it!
Meet Vinny!
Vincent Daniel Melchionna 
Born January 7,2020
Weighs 7lbs 5 oz
Height 19.5 inches

So, into the actual labor.. I had wrote about Joey's birth story, so I thought it was only fitting I had to do the same for Vinny. If it could help someone mentally prepare for what's to come, then that's all I would want to do! If you are only here for the cute baby pictures or the pretty stuff, here is your time to turn away!

I had a routine appointment on Christmas Eve, and was so surprised when the dr. told me I was dilated 2 cm already! That was the biggest hope, because this whole pregnancy I had been dealing with severe back pain, everything hurt, especially my pelvis area and was just so uncomfortable.  She told me his head was so far into my pelvis, she couldn't even get an accurate length of him! Again, so much hope that labor was near. Christmas came and went and I was on to my next appointment. At that appointment she gave me even more hope, saying I could be induced at 38 weeks due to where he was positioned, starting dilation, and my second pregnancy. She said I would have to call a number to see if they could 'fit me in' and it could literally be the next afternoon! So I did what she said, unfortunately, they wanted me to wait until I turned 38 weeks and then they would schedule me. New Year's came and went and still no Vinny!

I called the morning of 38 weeks ( a Monday) and they scheduled me for the following Monday, January 6 at 7am. But said he could very well come before then. But of course not. I did not sleep that whole night before and just prayed it would be an easier labor this time around.

After checking in, I kept being assured it would go faster since it was the second pregnancy, so I figured we would have our baby boy by noon that day! It didn't go like that at all. I didn't even get my epidural until around 2pm that day, and instead of going fast, it felt it was even slower then Joey's labor. Immediately after I got my epidural my blood pressure dropped and Vinny's spiked. They had to stop the pitocin until it would get back on track, then start it up again. We played this game until god knows when. Each time, they would try turning me onto my side or sit back, but same thing would happen. I basically had to sit straight up for 12 hours while still in active labor. I couldn't feel my right leg at all and I did not like that feeling on bit.  Finally around 1:30am during my check, I was dilated enough. The doctors came in and it was go time. Thankfully with only three pushes, Vinny was born.

After his delivery and the exam by the doctors, they told me they now knew why his blood pressure kept dropping when they tried to get me comfortable.. he had wiggled so much during his time inside, he somehow got his umbilical cord into a tight knot. When they would roll me to my side, he would lay on the cord causing his blood pressure to drop.

When I think back, it really wasn't that bad. If i didn't have everyone telling me that it would be so much easier or go so much faster, I think it would have been alot better. However, recovery was so much easier this time around as well.

We are so in love our little Vinny! I thank my lucky stars everyday for a healthy and happy baby!

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