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Weekend Recap | May 2019

It's been a while since I did a weekend recap. Not that we haven't been doing anything fun, it's actually the opposite! We've been having so much fun, that we haven't stopped to capture the moment in pictures! So here is a little recap of our past weekend!
On Thursday, we had friends over for a little cook out and to celebrate the beautiful weather. After they left and cleaning up, I decided to make it a mission to stay awake and finish this book. I had to force myself to put it down recently because I was hooked. Guys it is so dang good.
Here is a little review from Amazon:
Although this is Delia Owens’ first novel, she long ago distinguished herself as a gifted writer. In the mid-80s, Owens co-wrote with her husband Cry of the Kalahari, which was a best-selling, nonfictional account of traveling and researching Africa’s Kalahari Desert. One of the joys of that book was the Owens’ description of the natural world, and Where the Crawdads Sing is immersed in the natural world as well. The story is set in the 1950s and revolves around a young woman named Kya Clark, who is from extremely rural North Carolina. Known by others as the Marsh Girl, she lives alone in nature—but the draw of other people, and specifically love, brings her into contact with the greater world. This novel has a mystery at its core, but it can be read on a variety of levels. There is great nature writing; there is coming of age; and there is literature. Crawdads is a story lovingly told—one that takes its time in developing its characters and setting, and in developing the story. You’ll want to relax and take your time as well, and when you’re done you will want to talk about it with another reader. – Chris Schluep , Amazon Book Review

On Friday, I was dragging, since I had stayed up to finish my book. I met Joe at one of our favorite's Mister Lee's Noodles the Easton Public Market

My favorite dish is the fried chicken ramen. 

After work, we had our neighbors/ best friends over for yet another cook out and drinks on the patio once the kiddo's fell asleep. I have a feeling this is what all Summer is going to look like! 

On Saturday, we started the day with Joey's last swim lesson in the water babies class. He now moves up the Water Pioneer's class which starts in a few weeks!

Joey's Rash Guard | Zulilly
Trunks | Joanna's Cuties (Point Plesant, NJ)
Slip On's | Native

When we got home from swim, we went right out back to the patio. Saturday morning cartoons were on, plus a snack in the shade- made this little boys day. After much running around and playing trucks (aka putting rocks in the dump trucks and scattering them all over) a much needed nap was had

Since moving into the house, we knew we were going to have issues with the pool. The previous owners never properly closed the pool for the season, therefore all the fall/winter debris was stuck at the bottom. To add onto that, we had a seal that was faulty, so all the water had to be pumped out. Once the water was gone, the clean up began. Most of our afternoon was spent, cleaning, washing, pumping and refilling. We have a water truck coming this week to fill it and have it ready for Memorial Day this coming weekend.

After getting ready we headed over to the local Greek Festival and pick up some gyro's and greek fries. We decided to bring it back home and enjoy it while Joey played outside a little more.

On Sunday morning, we set our alarms bright and early to watch a piece of our City's history get imploded. The historic, and tallest building in our area, the old Bethlehem Steel Martin Tower was imploded to make way for town homes, apartments and shops. It was so sad to see, and yet scary how it rattled our house even though we live miles away. In our old house we were about 5 blocks from the building, so I can't imagine what it would have felt like being there.

Since we were up early, we made breakfast sandwiches at home, and then headed to run some errands early, before it got to hot out.. did I mention this weekend it was high 80's- so unseasonable for May! But I loved it!! 

Joey took a nap and Joe cut the grass while I did some more work outside and around the pool/ patio. When Joey got up, he immediately wanted to go outside, which I am not complaining about! He had lunch outside while I filled up his water table. Not thinking he would 'sit' in the pool I didn't but a bathing suit on him, but he didn't mind it at all. 

Lot's of sun and playing outside and three bowls of grapes later he was ready for a bath and stories before bed. Of course Joe and I got everything around and ready for the upcoming week before we settled in to watch the Series finale of Game of Thrones. Only for the cable to go out due to severe storms rolling in. We knew we had to watch it then though, so we pulled it up on our HBO go app and huddled around our Google home device. What did you all think of the finale? I did think it was rushed, but thought something bigger was going to happen instead of the way it ended. Just my opinion though!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm def looking forward to the long weekend ahead and having all our friends over for Memorial Day!
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