Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend 2019

WHAT a GREAT Weekend!! Today I woke up exhausted but also so excited that we get to enjoy the weekend again in only four days!!

Friday, I left work a little earlier and headed to Joey's school to pick him up and we had our best friends/ neighbors over for dinner/cook out. We were suppose to open our pool Friday night, but the pool company couldn't get there until late so we opted to have them come early Saturday morning instead. 

Saturday, Joey woke up at 6 which is unusual for him. I think his two year molars are bothering him because he's been very clingy and wants to be held. The pool company came around 8:00am to show Joe how to manage the pool, regulate the salt water, and properly clean it. After about an hour tantrum from Joey, he needed a early nap (which lasted for three hours) and he woke up on the much better side of the bed! While Joey slept, Joe finished cleaning and maintaining the pool and then cut the grass and I ran to the grocery store to pick up all the food for our party on Sunday. We cleaned and did some things around the house until the pool warmed up later in the day. We took our first swim in our pool in the evening and it was so nice. Joey didn't want to get out of the pool, and I have a feeling that will be how our Summer will go. We ordered food in Saturday night and I went to bed early while Joe enjoyed some drinks on the patio with our friend Zack.

Sunday was beautiful, except for it being a little over cast in the afternoon. We had 12 adults, 5 kids/babies and two dogs in the backyard and enjoying the pooling and our new home. We absolutely loved every second of it.

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Later that night we had our neighbors over and their kids (who are older then Joey and the other kids we had at the party) got to enjoy and swim in the pool. After a long and exhausting day, I finally went to bed after cleaning up around 11.

Monday- Memorial Day, Every year there is a Memorial Day ceremony at the cemetery by grandparents are buried at in my parents town. Joey and I went to the event, and every year I get so nervous Joey will cry or scream when they shoot the guns off for the salute. He surprised me again this year and didn't even flinch. He was so well behaved during the prayers and the band playing and even during the moment of silence. We went back for a few snacks at Gaga and Poppy's house for a little and then headed home. Someone must have either wanted his privacy or didn't want the sun in his eyes, because I looked back to see this and him sound asleep. 

When we got home, Joey went right down for a nap and I laid out in the pool until he woke up. Our friends/neighbors came over and we all enjoyed the pool some more. Joe blew up a airplane float Joey had received for this birthday and it was a hit. 

Of course, we needed to enjoy a snack by the pool as well.

Even charger jumped in to cool down on this beautiful day.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Memorial Day and took time to remember all those that fought for our freedoms to spend these days playing by the pool. 

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