Friday, November 9, 2018

Five on Friday

It has been a busy week! So Happy Friday, I sure am very happy to see you. 

one. I recently took up reading books again. I had stopped when Joey arrived since all my spare time I tried to use wisely with ya know things like cleaning or sleeping. But since Joey is on a pretty regular schedule, once he goes to bed I now pick up a book instead of scrolling social media or browse through shows on the DVR.
I started this book and it was slow at the beginning. I wasn't too sure about it, but then I got hooked. I felt myself hurrying to clean up dinner or finish laundry so that I would be able to read the next chapter. I actually stayed up late this week just to finish the book! I definitely recommend it. It's about a young journalist who gets a trip of a lifetime to go on the maiden voyage of a new small cruise ship. While on the ship one things leads to another and she may or may not witness a murder. You'll have to read the book to know what really happens. 

two. During my last trip to Trader Joe's I picked up this pumpkin cream cheese spread. I kept forgetting to pick up bagels to use it on until this week. It is so good. I typically don't like pumpkin flavored food, but this is so subtle that the taste isn't strong at all.

three. Over the weekend we attended Bacon Fest in Easton, PA.  Joey loved the bacon cake pops, bacon fries but mostly the pig balloons decking the streets. We popped into the Crayola Factory gift shop as well to pick up a few things as well as some stocking stuffers for save for Christmas!

four. Joey has been having a rough time these past two weeks with his 'canine' teeth poking through. He requires lots of cuddles, hugs and books, which this mama doesn't mind one bit!

five. Over at the Ash's Party Accents headquarters, I am hard at work perfecting everything in order to release our Holiday Collection next weekend. If you are looking for anything custom, be sure to message me and get your orders in soon- we are booking up on custom orders!

Hope you have some fun plans this weekend!

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