Tuesday, November 6, 2018

DIY Eucalyptus Hanging Hoops

I originally started this project for a bridal shower I was hosting, but ended up not using them where I wanted to. Instead I knew these would be perfect hanging in my bedroom. They are simple yet cause a statement. 

These really are so simple to use and only use a few supplies


Hot Glue


Start by cutting your faux eucalyptus into small. I cut by the stems and then layered them on the hoop to see what they looked like.

Once I decided how many per hoop to add, I started tying them on tightly with twine. I used green twine, but you can also use fishing wire to hide it. 

To hide the ending I clipped a single leave and hot glued it onto the stems. 

Cut any remaining twine that it sticking out. To hang on a wall use finishing nails and some additional twine. 

I love how this art turned out! Let me know if you make your hope hanging hoop design!
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