Thursday, October 25, 2018

Halloween S'mores Kit | DIY Printable

If you are down to the wire and looking for a cute yet super easy treat to hand out, you are in luck today! I recently made these for a client looking for something to hand out to her children's school class without spending too much or it being boring. 

This project was super easy to make and will definitely impress the recipients.

Materials Needed:

Sandwich Bags

Place your s'mores item in a sandwich bag. You can also use a regular treat bag, however I wanted the graham crackers to stay fresh so I chose to use a bag that could seal!

I didn't want the corners of the bag to stick out, so I folded the corners into the middle of the bag to form a triangle and then folded the point down and stapled the bag. Fold your tag in half and staple onto the bag. So super easy!

Don't forget to get your own card too!

Download your own HERE
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