Wednesday, September 26, 2018

What I Use to Get a White Smile + A Giveaway!

I received this product for review, but all opinions are my own!

Being a mom of a one and a half year old, I live on coffee (like 5 cups a day) until it's acceptable to drink red wine of course- kidding, or maybe not!! But both of those cause such stains on my teeth. I try to sip my coffee out of a straw when I have the opportunity, but typically I'm rushing to get out the door in the morning and just forget to grab one. When I was contact by Smile Brilliant I was so excited, because I knew this product was a perfect fit for me. With my busy schedule ahead, I am so happy that I don't have to worry about my smile, thanks to Smile Brilliant!

** Note these photos are NOT photoshopped or edited! They are pulled straight from my camera!
I've tried other over the counter whitening in the past, but none that I liked. I have sensitive teeth and my gums sometimes bleed when I brush them. I was a little hesitant that Smile Brilliant Whitening would make my gums even more irritated, but this product actually comes with a desensitizing gel to help with that! 

So let's talk about this process! Smile Brilliant will send you an at home kit to make your custom fitted trays. You receive a base (blue) and the catalyst (white) which you will mix together and put in your tray. You need to work quickly for this because once they combine they will immediaetly start to harden! once they are completely mixed, you fit in your tray and insert into your mouth. Let it stay for the given time and remove. Do the same with the uppers as the lowers- and THAT'S IT!! It's so super easy!!

Your kit will also come with prepaid packaging to send your trays back as well as your teeth whiting gel and desensitizing gel to use once you receive your molds back!

In a week or two, you receive your custom trays back and are ready to start the whitening process. The instructions are so easy to follow and you whiten with each tray from 45 minutes to 2 hours! You can use the whitening every day or every other day. I chose to do mine every other day, and used the desensitizing gel on my off days. My favorite time to whiten was after I put Joey to bed and was able to catch up on some DVR'd shows! You actually forget they are on that's how small the trays are, but I would set a timer- just in case! ha

I am seriously in love with my smile now! I used to be hesitant when flashing a big smile, what my teeth would look like considering all the coffee I drink. Whether you are looking for a huge improvement in whitening your teeth, or just to gain a little more confidence in your smile like me, I would definitely recommend giving Smile Brilliant a try!

Check out more of my before and after photos below! 

But that's not all! Our friends at Smile Brilliant want to give you the opportunity to get your own whitening kit! They graciously gave us this discount code for 15% off Use coupon code: ashleymaria15

..and do want a chance to win a $149 credit to get your own kit.. Enter the giveaway 

Be sure to tell me about your experience!! Comment below if you have ever used an at home teeth whitening before!
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