Friday, August 10, 2018

Five on Friday

Another week down, another day closer to Summer ending. I don't know about you, but I hate to see Summer end. I do love fall colors and activities, but the fact the days get shorter, the temps start to drop and soon the white stuff will be falling (at least in PA) makes me want to savor every last bit of those Summer days. 

I guess you can call this week's Five on Friday, more like JOEY ON FRIDAY since it's only his world, and we just live in it!!

one. Joe spent the weekend at a bachelor party in West Virgina, so it was just me and Joey and Charger. Saturday morning Joey and I went to a little date for breakfast to Chick Fil A. We also got a platter of chicken mini's (which if you have never tried, you are missing out!!) and brought them over to our friends Zack and Cait's to see our new little best friend, Brayden! 
Shirt | Janie & Jack
Shorts | Gap 

two. On Sunday, we celebrated one of Joey's best girl's little Miss Killian with a monster bash themed party! Buttercups Bakery knocked it out of the park with these monster cupcakes and rice crispy treats! 
Shirt | Carter's
Shorts | Old Navy
Suspenders | Target $ Spot
Shoes | Target
three. I finally caved and busted out the ball pit and maze for Joey. Surprising it wasn't as messy and hard to clean up as I thought! The maze comes in different pieces and fold up to little circles, and there are only about a dozen or so balls.I snapped these pictures of Joey walking and couldn't believe what a big boy he looks!

four. Since it's been so hot in PA we cashed in on some much need pools days. This picture my mom snapped of Joey in our cousins pool. I can't tell if he's thrilled to be in it or wants to get out of that float so bad. On Tuesday, we got some pool time in with our favorite girl Killian too at her nana's pool.

five. This week we had an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist appointment. Before I get into it, I must say, Joey is 100% fine!! At his 15 month check up, the physician's assistant heard a heart murmur, which isn't uncommon for babies, but since no one has heard it before this alarmed her. She sent us a referral to a ped's cardiologist to have them check it out. They weren't able to fit us in until August so to say I was worrying for over a month was an under statement. This week finally was the appointment and Joey did great. He got poke and touched and took it all like a champ. The doctor even said he did great for his age, and was probably the best 1 year old they've ever had. Poor little guy had a EKG and Ultrasound on his little body and stood still through the whole thing... which is something that NEVER happens! When the doctor came in after and almost hour and half appointment and said everything looked normal and that he has what the call an 'innocent heart murmur' was music to my ears. I had such a sign of relief. 
So for my rambling.. to all you mam's out there with babies that have serious conditions I don't know how you do it. Until I heard the doctor actually say he's 100% healthy I was a wreck. I definitely will be saying an extra prayer for you all out there. 

Hope you all had a great week too!
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