Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trader Joe's Shopping Favorites

If you are new around here, let me start off by saying that I love the area we live in. We live within driving distance to Philadelphia (1 hour 15 minutes- give or take) and New York City (about 1 hour and a half- give or take #traffic) and we could literally find any kind of food style we want just in our little city. We also live in the 'Christmas City' Bethlehem, PA so you can only imagine all the little events and things to do around the holiday's. But one thing I really wish was closer .. a Trader Joe's!!! The closest Trader Joe's to us is 50 minutes close to the Philadelphia suburbs. I know what you are thinking.. first world problems. But I love everything about Trader Joe's- the prices, the different variety and the fact that most of the stuff I purchase is somewhat healthy (or so I try to convince myself). 

Since our closet TJ's is almost an hour away, I usually stock up with a cart overflowing and annoyed toddler whining I won't let him open every box of food I place in the cart. I decided I would share with you that favorites I always pick up in the store, and see what your favorites are too!

Vegetable Fried Rice with Chile Lime Seasoning
Asparagus Risotto
Danish Kringle
Mac & Cheese Balls

** I've linked most items through Amazon, however these prices are grossly increased!

Do you have any favorites at Trader Joe's that I should pick up on my next run?

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