Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Top Things Every New Mom Needs to Know

Where my new mom's at? Prolly right now you are thinking, the house is a mess, I'm so tired and counting down the time until nap or bedtime! I hear ya.. I've been there and frankly I'm still there. But here are a few tips I've learned through this past year with Joey

you figure it out

you may think you have no idea what to do. I remember right after Joey was born, it was now the early hours of the morning after they moved me into the post pardum room and wheeled him in. Then left. Um hello! now what!! I didn't even know where the diapers were in the crib thing, luckily he slept for a few hours until a nurse came in to give me some direction. I was so scared. But guess what, we survived that night and here we are over a year later and still doing just fine. I never read a book or took a class. It just comes. You may have a moment where you want to lock yourself in a room and cry.. but ya know what, that's okay! Do it. No ones perfect and you are doing just fine, mama.

there's no schedule to life

Before I had Joey I believed everything had a schedule. If you were on time you were late. Being on time to me is being 10 minutes early. The day after we got home from the hospital we had Joey's newborn pictures scheduled. Iwas running on about six hours sleep total from the five days spent in the hospital and the night at home. I was irritable and of course rushing around. You have no idea how much time it takes to get an infant ready. We of course were late to the studio for pictures and I felt like my first job as a mom was a fail. The photographer has a child. She completely understood and was not angry or mad or even a big deal. It happens and has happened numerous times in this past year. If something doesn't go as planned, it's okay. 

don't give up your identity

Since Joey was a few weeks old we have been going places. His first outing was to Wegman's when he was a week old. Granite he was in his carrier covered up sleeping, I don't even think anyone knew he was in there. But we got him out and acclimated to the world. Now I don't suggest you bringing your newborn out for all the public to hold, but use your discretion! Our life is definitely different since Joey came along, but all in all, we include him in things we still want to do! He loves being around loud sounds such as music or a lot of people talking and I feel as though it's because we brought him around that at a young age. Our friends that have a son only a few months younger then Joey love getting together with us on a Friday evening for Happy Hour. And ya know what, the boys love it too! They get to see each other, be with us and around people and fun sounds. 

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