Thursday, May 24, 2018

How to Save Your Mind Planning a Wedding

Even though we are coming up on our two year wedding anniversary, I love still giving tips I used that I found helpful. One of my biggest resources (besides Pinterest) was using Google Drive to stay organized! 
I started by creating a folder in my google drive and entitled it Wedding. This will help if you have a lot of other documents and what not in your drive!
In this folder there were a ton of documents, excel sheets, tabs etc. If there was any documentation that was about our wedding it was here! it was my place to save important documents such as contracts, proofs, and just necessary paperwork. I also had hard copies in a wedding binder, but that's for another day! 
For each vendor I created their own folder in which help specifics for them. For example the reception venue was entitled Hotel Bethlehem (our venue name) in this folder was the contract with stated pricing, rules & regulations and menus. I always kept copies of deposits and billing information just in case their were any issues with this after that final billing. 
Here are the sub-folders I had:

In these sub-folders I then broke down even more. I had documents with to do lists for each thing and then if something had contacts or documents I would put a folder together labeled. Here are some examples:

You can obviously tailor these to your own wedding, but these are some examples of what I used! I think I did a pretty good job of keeping everything organized and in one place. Hope this helps all my brides to be out there!

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