Monday, April 30, 2018

Best Straw Bags

Trends.. they come and go. If we are lucky they stick around for two years so we can get wear out of said trend!

I can remember growing up the straw purse was a thing. My mom had one, actually fairly similar to some of the styles today; and she got me a smaller one to match hers. Flash forward to just a few years ago and the trend was back. I remember I had to have this Michael Kors straw and leather clutch when it came out. I was just out of college, my student loans were starting to kick in and I was working in retail (with not the best pay). I needed this clutch like I needed a hole in my head, but I of course purchased it. I couldn't fit hardly anything in it. I can guarantee I would not be able to fit my phone in there today (I have an iPhone 8 plus) let alone all the baggage I carry when Joey is with me! I think I maybe used it a handful of times and then it sat. Which is where it is now, on top of a closet in a box. 

Anyway, before my rant started I was talking about trends. I fully believe in following trends.. I mean I am a lifestyle blogger, so it kinda comes with the territory! But I also believe in not spending an arm and a leg! If I want to grab something that I don't foresee myself using a lot that's trendy, I will shop around and try to find a bargain.  

Today I'm sharing with you some budget friendly options if you wanna jump on the straw bag trend yourself!

1. Gap
2. Walmart
3. H&M
4. Amazon
5. DSW
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