Monday, March 26, 2018

Joseph Michael | Eleven Month Update

One more month! Holy moly only one more month til our Baby is no longer an infant but a ... TODDLER! Whoa! 
Eleven Months: March 8, 2018
Weight: 23lbs
Height:  inches
Diet:  formula, solid foods
Sleeping:  about 12 hours at night.
Clothing Size: 18-24 months or 2t's
Diaper Size: size 4's

Teeth: 2 on the bottom and two (and a half- it's still coming through) on the top 
Happy ELEVEN months Joseph Michael! I love to throw my hands over my head and do ‘how big’s Joey’, I play pat a cake, and wave hi and bye! 👋🏼 I love giving big open mouth kisses and have stood on my own without holding on! I don’t like to sit still at all hence the bribing of the cookies for this picture!
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