Saturday, December 23, 2017

Our Home | Kitchen and Sunroom Christmas Tour

Twas the Eve of Christmas Eve and all through the house, the only christmas cookies left were that for a mouse!!
Do you like that little rhyme I came up with?? Well it's the truth! I baked last weekend but didn't want all the sweets left in the house. So I made little goodie bags of cookies to give to our neighbors and friends and brought the rest to a work christmas party. I did leave some for Santa for christmas eve, but I think Mr. Claus aka my husband; already ate them all.
Today I'm bringing you on a home tour of our kitchen and sunroom decorated for christmas. Like in the living room and bedroom I didn't go too over board with the decorations this year. Let me know what you think!

Table | Ikea
Chairs | Zulilly
Pillows | Target (Dollar Spot)

Christmas Sign | Target (Dollar Spot)

Tray | Target (old)
Mug | Target
Jars | AC Moore
Stirs | Target (Dollar Spot)

Garland | Hobby Lobby
Small trees | Hobby Lobby
Planters | Home Goods c/o Rae Dunn
Cheese Board | Home Goods c/o Rae Dunn
Hanging Mason Jars | Amazon

Frame | Michael's
Garland | Target (dollar spot)

Mugs | Home Goods c/o Rae Dunn
Mug Tree | World Market
Coffee Pot | Home Goods

Tree | Wal Mart
Stand | Target
Ornaments | Pottery Barn, Pier 1, Vintage
Star | Target
Boots | LL Bean

Sofa | Ikea
Embellished Pillow | Pier 1
Coffee Table | Vintage
Greenery | Hobby Lobby
Blanket | Pier 1 

Furniture | Home Goods
Nativity | Michael's 
Litte Tree | Michael's
Greenery | Ikea

You can check out our 2017 Christmas home tour here:
Other Rooms
Living Room
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