Friday, December 15, 2017

DIY Hot Cocoa Bar + Printable Tags

I don't know what it's like where you live, but here in PA it is freaking cold!!!!! The snow we got this past weekend is pretty much all gone and they are calling for more today and the wind chill this week was in the low teen's. Oh Spring, where you at!! Maybe I have high hopes, but I just don't do well in the cold weather. Chapped lips.. extra layers, no thank you!

One thing that is perfect though, in this cold temperature; is my hot cocoa bar I set up on my kitchen table. I love having it out so easy grabs when I want a hot cup at night while catching up with some television shows once Joey goes to bed.  

I like simple. I'm not into all the fixings as some other bloggers may be. In my cup I prefer marshmallows and some peppermint chips. But there are so many extras you can add into your cup of cocoa if you want! 
Tray | Target (old)
Mug | Target
Jars | AC Moore
Stirs | Target (Dollar Spot)

I wanted to share with you some other ideas for a hot cocoa bar if you are looking to make one for the kiddos (or yourself) during the holidays! 

Here are 15 FREE printable labels so that you can jazz up your own hot cocoa bar!

Click HERE for labels
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