Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Home Office Tour

Since moving into our home in July 2015 I haven't really done a 'home tour' and mainly it's because I never really felt I've completed any of the rooms. I just need to step back and enjoy these spaces, because whenever company comes over they tell me how well decorated it is. Please tell me I'm not alone on this?!
Anyway, it's now or never to give you a tour of my home office because in a few short months this little space will get turned into a cute little baby nursery and my stuff will be boxed up, stored or purged. But hey, I think the trade off of a sweet little baby will suffice! 
Way back when I was planning the rooms designs, you may remember this post with my inspiration board. I'm happy to say that everything in that board was purchased for the room! You may notice though the wall paper never got hung, but yet I'm okay with it. 

These pictures may not be the best light, because I used my only free time which is at night to take them! Hope you enjoy my REAL office aka NOT staged!

Most of the items are linked, but if you want to know anything please ask!

Desk | Target
Lamps | Target
Desk Chair | BizChair
Mirrors | Kohl's
Chevron Chair | Target
White Stool | Home Goods
Grey Pillows | Wal Mart
Prints | Josefina Fernandez & History in High Heels
Stacking Boxes | Home Goods
Canvas Picture | Canvas Print
Shipping Cart | Ikea

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