Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I've been a little absent from this blog parts and I promise it's for a good reason! 

If you follow me on instagram, then you know on Monday I had a huge announcement.

That's right. Coming in April, our world is about to get turned upside down (in a good way). 

Some of you may be thinking, 'Wow that was fast', but I truly believe everything happens for a reason. Joe and I are so excited and can't wait to be parents. 

More to come on how we found out we were expecting and how we told our families so stick around. 

Even though I am pregnant, this blog will not be filled with baby bump pictures (I have actually not taken one yet) or baby stuff galore. Not much will change from the norm, but I do ask you to bear with me as things are about to get a lot crazier around here :)

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