Friday, September 16, 2016

Our Wedding- The Details

When I started planning our wedding, immediately my head started spinning with so many ideas and little details. Although most people probably overlooked the details that I worked so hard to do, I know what they were and loved it all! 
Let's start with the Ceremony! There wasn't too much details here because I wanted it to focus on the actual wedding and not the little things. One thing the photographer didn't catch was the adorable bottles of bubbles that were shaped like brides and grooms.

For the church pews I made the decorations using white tulle and pink peonies, babies breathe and select ones had hand written reserved signs. 

For the ceremony programs, I designed them to reflect our invitations.  They were two sided glossy trifolds.. hey we had a lot of info to tell everyone!!

When guests walked into the church they were greeted with a basket of crocheted handkerchiefs for their ' Tears of Joy'! I wish I had a better photo, but my guests took them all before my photographer could snap a photo just like the bubbles!

Where do I even begin with the details at the reception??

Well... let me start with cocktail hour. Our signature drink was A Pirate Flag and an Island Girl. If you are unsure what this is in reference to, look up Kenny Chesney's lyrics here..

During cocktail hour we also had a Cigar bar with custom match books, personalized koozies on some tables, and our feature of each person in our wedding party and how we meet/ know them.
Because some relatives might not no our whole 'love story' we let everyone take a trip down memory lane with us. 

At the conclusion of cocktail hour, our guest were shown to upstairs where they found their escort cards. These were made with hand cut shells with everyone's names, meals and table number listed.

At the entrance of the ball room, is where we put our 'photo booth'. I purchased four polaroid camera for our guests to strike a pose with using some fun props! I loved seeing everyones pictures, especially since they used our hashtag #itsagreatdaytobeaMELCH

Once inside the Grand Ballroom, guest found their tables which also had little memories or meanings to each number. For example table 21.. 'The Day in March He Proposed', or table 6.. "Number of Years They Dated"  

Each table also had a special Thank You with the menu for the night for all our guests. I made the centerpieces that also includes starfish on each table. 

The tables that were in the balcony area sat some of our friends with their own personal bar! Their centerpieces were lighthouse lanterns to match our beachy theme/proposal!

Joey and I both put hot sauce on everything, so it would only be right to use hot sauce as our favor to our guest. Check out the labels here

Our guest book consisted of a hard cover book with our engagement pictures! It also is where guests left us well wishes and advice. It was so fun reading them all!

We decided to have flip-flops available for all those that wanted to get their groove on without hurting their feet. They were a huge hit!

No party would be complete without tons and tons of Italian cookies. There was 25 different kinds to be exact and my momma and her cousins homemade them all! Let's just say they didn't last very long!

Instead of the typical wedding cake, and because I love every and all cupcakes. We wanted to incorporate that into our wedding. We did a personal Chocolate and Banana top layer for us and family and different cupcakes for everyone else. Our cake toppers ended up being too heavy to place on top, but thankfully Charger's custom topper fit perfectly!

So there you have most of our little wedding details! There are so many more, but I'll not bore you with the rest. Now can we go back and do this day again. It was so much fun!

All photos unless otherwise stated were taken by DeLorenzo Photography
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