Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Our Wedding- The Ceremony

Welcome to Part 2 of our wedding story! Today I'm going to talk about our ceremony! In case you didn't read Part 1 about the reception venue, you can check it out here
We got married two months ago tomorrow! Crazy as though it feels like just yesterday we got engaged, let alone married!

We got married at my Catholic church I grew up in. It was a beautiful day and it was absolutely perfect! I just love these pictures of the wedding party outside the church. The colors of the girls dresses against the church is just a perfect contrast!

The readers for the Mass were my godmother, Jill and Joe's godparents who are also his Aunt Libby & Uncle Anthony.

The gifts were presented by Joe's Uncle Danny and Cousin Peter.

I designed the programs which matched our invitations. 

Once all pictures were finished outside, we went back into the church and took pictures with our families!

The Stone's- My Family

The Melchionna's- Joe's Dad's Family

The Gerhauser's- Joe's Mom's Family

The kids in the Wedding Party 
(this might just be my FAVORITE picture)

Isn't our Church beautiful? 

All photos are by DeLorenzo Photography
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