Friday, May 20, 2016

How to Paint Cabinets | DIY Kitchen Renovation

When we purchased our home in July we knew there was a a bunch of things we would have 'liked' to redo, but to be completely honest we just didn't feel like it. We wanted to move right in (and because the lease on our apartment was up) and there was nothing too serious that needed our attention. We put  everything on the back burner and wanted to enjoy our new home in the summer with friends and family. Then winter came and the cold weather and maybe I speak for just me.. but who wants to do anything besides snuggle under blankets when you have free time!

Now it is Spring and we have free time.. ha YEAH RIGHT!! Our wedding is in 3 weeks!!! ahhh but had the opportunity to get some work done in the house, so we jumped on it!

One thing I knew I could do myself on a budget was paint the cabinets. After watching numerous you tube videos and pinteresting like a crazy women, I thought I had it under control. Our cabinets were an oak color and I wanted to get them white. Most people I talked to at Lowes or Home Depot said I would have to sand down the doors since there was a stain on them.

Step one
Remove all door and hardware from the cabinets. I would bring one of your doors to your local home depot/lowes/paint store, and get their opinions on stripping the wood first. I was going to do this, but really liked how it turned out without stripping the stain.If It gave it a more crisp and smooth finish with the new paint. But always test one door first!!!! I tested the smallest cabinet above my fridge to see what I liked best! Once all the hardware was removed I wiped down the doors and bottom of the cabinets with a degreaser
If you will need to strip your cabinets first, this will obviously need to be done before you start your painting process.

Step two.
Make sure all doors are dry before painting. I used Valspar cabinet enamel, so I didn't have to prime the cabinets. However, since my cabinets were a darker oak and was going white with them, I had to do three coats of paint on the doors, and at least four coats on the side of the cabinets. 

Step Three.
Once all your doors are dry (I chose NOT to paint the inside of the doors.. instead am thinking about doing a fun color in them... TBD) go ahead and install your new hardware. Since our cabinets were old vintage, alot of newer hardware they offer at places like Home Depot and Lowes did not fit. After four trips back and forth, I decided to spray paint the old hinges silver. I was not going to attempt and drill new wholes, so this was my best option! I also had to purchase some of the door handles and pulls online in order for them to fit.

I think they came out pretty good, if I do say so myself! Charger is also posing by the new french door we had installed!

The most expensive thing we had done, was had the engineered hardwood installed. I love the way it turned out!

and in case you don't remember what it looked like before.. Here it is in the old MLS photo before we purchased it!

We still have some things we need to finish, but those will come in time!
lights under the cabinets..
decorative shelving in corner..

So what do you think??

 photo d27c6805-c1e5-4cd1-9b33-6c4c09b4c046_zps6728e83e.png

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