Thursday, September 24, 2015

Ten Things To Do This Fall

Wow. You are probably wondering where I have been?? I really did have posts drafted and so many ideas flowing, but with life happening and being so busy, I never actually finished them to post! But- I am back today with a new post for you all!

Happy Fall dolls! As much as I love summer and everything that goes with it, Fall also holds a special place in my heart. There's football season, tailgates, pumpkin everything and let's not even get started on all the colors! If only we could fast forward through winter and go back to Spring when everything blooms again, I would be happy!

Every Fall I try to do as many festival things as possible, but I usually am pretty busy on weekends with games and weddings (we are that age where everyone is getting married!!), Today I made a list of things I want to try and accomplish this season!

1. Make a favorite recipe or start creating a new tradition of recipes.

2. Go to a new Fall Festival. If you are local to the Lehigh Valley here is a fun event this weekend!

3.Go for a drive to see all the changing leaves.

4. Watch your favorite childhood movies.. think Hocus Pocus (when it's on) & Halloweentown

5. Try your hand at making your own pumpkin spiced latte.

6. Have a scary movie night in.

7. Make a day out with apple and pumpkin picking & go on a hayride.

8. Get together the girls and have a pumpkin decorating and wine night.

9. Rake leaves in your back yard and make a scarecrow with them and old clothes.

10. Pamper yourself with some low lights in your hair and new fall shade for a mani & pedi!

Hope everyone has some great plans this weekend!

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