Wednesday, August 26, 2015

DIY | Proposing to Your Bridal Party

Today I'm giving you a look at how we asked our bridesmaids and groomsmen to be part of our special day!

I'm sure a lot of you are like me and envisioned how your day would look like, what colors you would choose and what kind of dress you would wear. Well I'm learning quickly that what I envisioned is necessarily what is working best for me.  I tried on dresses for the first time this past weekend, and let's just say the style I am leaning towards is complete opposite of what I wanted! One thing that I knew right away was who I wanted to be in my bridal party. I have a lot of close friends and knew they all had to be involved. I have 8 bridesmaid's total (YES EIGHT) plus one junior bridesmaids (my god daughter). This includes my Maid of Honor and my Matron of Honor, who both are my partners in crime and ones that keep me sane! Joe also has 8 groomsmen and a junior groomsmen (my nephew) which includes his Best Man. We LOVE friends and why not have a big bridal party.. the party bus ride home from the Church will be awesome!!

Anyway, back to the bridal party gifts! When I told some family members about this, they had no idea what I was talking about.. asking someone to be in your bridal party has become huge lately since more engaged couples are in the 'Pinterest Era'. I couldn't wait to start gathering the items for our 'proposal's' to our bridal party. But then again anytime I get to give people gifts makes my day!

I decided to use a hinged box for my Matron & Maid of honor that I painted with a grey stain. For my other bridesmaids I purchased these Kraft nesting boxes from Hobby Lobby. I stuffed with filler paper, with permanent chalk marker (tried) to calligraphy each girls name and added in my special touches.

What to add in the box?

Champagne with a paper straw & this tag attached:

Essie Nail polish in colors of wedding. I chose 'Tying the Knotty'

Piece of jewlery that is meant to be worn day of or sentimental to you. I always wear a starfish necklace so I had them made for all the girls from Elisabeth Ashlie

More information about the day tied in twine.. 
Our Day
Your Role
The Dresses

A special card personalized with each girls hair color in a sock bun from April Heather Art!

For the groomsmen boxes I did pretty much the same thing and stained Cigar Boxes for them. 

I used a bottle of Fire Ball instead of champagne with this tag:

We personalized a cigar cutter with the date of the wedding for each guy with a cigar of Joe's choice.

We gave them more information with 
Our Day
Your Role 
(no The Dresses) ha

And we attached this card too..

For our Junior Groomsman & Bridesmaid we gave them each a box and a Ring Pop inside with this card attached:

So how did you or do you plan on 'proposing' to your bridal party? 

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