Friday, May 1, 2015

Engagement Party Etiquette

Anytime you begin planning a party the most stressful thing is likely the guest list.  Who do you invite? How do you cut numbers? Will you hurt feelings?

I am in no way an expert at engagement parties and all advice is my own opinions. There are no set rules and these are just suggestions!

An engagement party is held a year-9 months  before the wedding. Usually couples like to hold their engagement party once their bridal party is picked and this will help a lot when you begin your guest list! But here are some tips when planning your first event as the Future Mr. & Mrs!

Who hosts the engagement party?
Typically the brides parents host the engagement party. But anyone can throw the party! For example Joe and I have been talking about having a party with our bridal parties down the shore this summer. Since it will be informal, we will be hosting it ourselves!

Does it have to be a formal sit down dinner party?
NOT AT ALL! Like I said before, we want to do an informal shore party with just our bridal party and immediate family. Your engagement party should reflect your personalities and piggy back off of your wedding theme. If your fiance and you are laid back and want to celebrate this special time with your friends maybe do a BBQ in a backyard. If you plan on having a black tie wedding, you may want to spring for the local venue with a sit down dinner.

Who's on the guest list?
Of course number one invites are family and immediate family. Hopefully by this time you will have asked your bridal party or plan on asking them there. You definitely want to invite them, as this will serve as the kickoff for your wedding. Next you want to invite family and other friends that you feel as a necessary to be there. You should think about it as who played a role in setting you two up, mutual friends, and played important roles in your life. 

Is there a toast given at the party?
No matter what kind of party you decide to have, it is nice to have the host propose a toast to the happy couple. Whether it be the parents of the bride or groom or the bride of groom gives one themselves it always adds a nice touch to the party.

Do guests bring gifts?
This is always a touchy subject. I personally always bring a little something, whether it is a bottle of wine with the couples names on a label, a set of glasses or ever flowers. But many guests do not. There really is no right and wrong answer to this question, more your opinion.  As a newly engaged couple it is good to start a preliminary registry as soon as possibly. Things you need would be a great start, A lot of family members will chose to purchase little things throughout you engagement for you, and they would rather buy things you need instead of doubles you already have. Couples or hosts usually don't put registry options on the invites sent to guest, but instead guests, if they chose to purchase a gift; can ask a parent or close relative for that info.

Hope this helps you as we now enter into WEDDING SEASON.. and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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