Friday, April 24, 2015

So You Are Engaged.. Now What?

Joe and I have been engaged for a little over a month now, but it still feels like yesterday! I don't think I will ever get tired of hearing all the congratulations and wide eyes over the ring. It makes me feel so special.

-Who Do You Call First
MOM & DAD.. no brainer if they aren't already in the loop. Go from there.. grandparents, siblings and immediate family. Next call all your best girlfriends and if you are like me.. work will spread very fast.

-Social Media 
Once you've told your immediate family and friends, now comes the fun part.. putting it out there for everyone to see. But how do you let everyone know without bragging. When Joe and I decided, we put a picture on Instagram of us on the top of the lighthouse right after the proposal. I didn't want to show just a picture of my ring but instead our photographer did a great job showcasing us in the background too (above picture). Some etiquette sites, recommend posting a picture of the ring with you and your significant other so that the complete focus isn't you showing it off!

-What to do first
We knew we wanted to have the reception at a special place in Bethlehem, so the week after our engagement we called the venue. To our surprise they were pretty booked for next summer already.  If you have a place in mind, get on it asap. If not, start researching venues for the reception and/or wedding, depending on a rough guest list count; and make appointments to go see them. The date and venue is the most important thing to get done. Once you have that set you can begin booking other vendors like caterer, DJ, photographer and florist!

-The Ring 
It's always a tricky topic talking about the cost of the ring, but it is something that needs to be done! Luckily, Joe and I never had to have this discussion, since I have my grandmothers ring that I loved. However, you should- actually no NEED to get your ring insured and they will need to know how much you paid for it and how much it is appraised for in order to do this. Typically you can put your ring on your home or renters insurance. If you live at home with a parent, ask them to talk to their insurance broker to figure out the best way to do this!

-Engagement Party 
You don't need to have an engagement party and a lot of couples don't. But if you are like me and love to throw a party, this is the perfect opportunity. Check back next week to get my engagement party etiquette and some do's and do not's for the party!
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