Thursday, March 5, 2015

Simplifying Life | A Peony Project Link- Up

Lately I've been feeling over worked, under appreciated and stressed to the max I can take. Just the other night I was working on a project for a friends wedding and was almost in tears because I couldn't figure out how to make something work. See my problem with all the extra work I take on is that I am too quick to say 'YES' to a project before actually figuring out how to make it happen. As my mom says.. no matter what I do, I always 'make it work' and it looks great.. but then again, that's my mom talking and who knows if that's the truth.

When I saw this link up prompt  with the Peony Project I knew this was my chance to sit back and take a look at my actions. Instead of stressing about work, life, projects, relationships, everything.. try to find the simplicity in it. I need to stop stressing about the small stuff. This Spring I want to make every effort to simplify not only my work but the way I do things and live. Why does one person need to have 5 black sweaters that all fit the same way? Instead of jumping right away to say 'YES', let me say, 'well let me see if my schedule allows and what is involved in it'  Spring cleaning will have a new meaning this year.

Do you plan on coming up a Spring cleaning plan? Are you trying to live more simply? If so.. how do you plan on doing that?
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  1. Jess, I feel the same way! I donated so many bags of clothes to Goodwill this past weekend!


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