Friday, January 16, 2015

Organization | Office

This year I have resolved to become more organized. So far I have been off to a good start. My shop has definitely been taking off and instead of putting off orders, I have been fulfilling them as soon as I can! As mentioned a couple weeks ago, I thought I was gonna finally have my own office to decorate and get organized. I immediately turned to Pinterest (because who wouldn't), and started gathering ideas of how I wanted to plan my room. After we found out we lost the house, I admit I was in a slump.  Instead of dwelling of what I didn't have, I thought why not work with what I already have.

I believe that organization is not only about papers and files being in order, but it also has a lot to do with presentation. I feel most organized and ready to take on any project when I feel my surroundings are clean and 'pretty'. With just a few items from Home Goods, Target and Staples, I know I can make my living room desk/ office into a organized place to get work done.

Let me straigten out one thing here.. I don't actually have an 'office'. I have a desk. In the living room. Next to the couch and television. So when I refer to office.. now ya know what I'm talking about. I wanted to go with a neutral pallet for my office since my desk is white and my chair is a neutral chevron print.  Plus since my desk is in the living room which has stronger colors, it transitions me to the feeling of a different room.  I created my own mood board for my office space with some things I have, need and would like to purchase for it.
Organization | Office

How do you stay organized?
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