Thursday, August 7, 2014

Easy Display for Statement Necklaces

I love me a big ole' statement necklace. I don't, however, like storing them. They are bulky, heavy and sometimes can break if you bend them the wrong way! When thinking up a way to store them, I pinned some pretty cool display ideas. Now living with someone else and sharing a bedroom, I didn't want them out in the open.  There had to be an easy way as a renter to store these gems.  Well 'like a light bulb going off' it hit me. Why not use 3M hooks in my closest.

 I don't have a large walk in closet so I would like to say I have a big wall filled with these jewels. I have a small crevice on the side of my closet that fits these perfectly. I picked up a few packs of these babies and voila! Depending on the size of the necklace and how bulky they are will determine how many to a hook you can fit.  These hooks are the best size because they aren't too bulky and won't take up much wall space.  Plus you don't want to over clutter your hook when trying to get to the back necklace and they ALL FALL OFF!

 photo d27c6805-c1e5-4cd1-9b33-6c4c09b4c046_zps6728e83e.png

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