Friday, July 11, 2014

Travel Essentials

Summer is in full swing and many of you are hitting the roads or air ways! Today I wanted to share with you some essentials I live by when traveling. I unfortunately don't have any planned vacation yet, but we make take a trip across country to San Diego in October! 

Bag- The key to any vacation or trip is to have a great bag! You will need to fit everything in it while still being comfortable in airports and stylish.  This Longchamp bag is great since it has a small handle to grab on when stored away in an overhead compartment or in the back seat of a car. Yet its long strap is perfect for walking to your hotel or through an airport!
Book- I could never read in a car- heck I get car sick sometimes just reading a text message! But a do suggest a book for a flight or once you're at your destination to relax (drink not included!)
Earbuds- To get away from everything around you, I suggest you don't forget your ear buds at home.  I prefer to listen to music while at the pool or on the beach so I am not distracted by everything around me.
Scarf- Those flight or car rides may get a little chilly with the air condition.  Instead of the hastle to put a jacket or hoodie on, throw on a scarf to keep your neck and chest warm.  Plus if you wear a colorful one like this Lilly Pulitzer one, you can wear it all day long!
IPad- Before going away I always download the newest magazines I want to read.  My choices vary from Glamour to Real Simple, so by having them all in one place on my ipad, saves some space in my travel bag.
Portable Charger- Did you hear about the new TSA rules flying back into the States from certain countries? Well if you have not, then be sure to check them out.  Keep a portable charger with you so that you will always have battery, even after a whole days use!
Eye Mask- If you are like me, I have a hard time falling asleep in different places other then my own home.  Throw in this practically weightless eye mask to help shut your eyes whether you are traveling or already in the hotel.
Make Up- Even if I am going to the beach for the weekend, I always throw extra concealer or powder in my bag.  You never know when you may need a little touch up- especially after a longggg flight!
Make Up Bag- Put smaller carry on things in a make up bag like the one shown.  Don't forget to make sure they are TSA appropriate if you are flying. Even if you aren't flying, throw in some small things like makeup, chap stick, Tylenol and some extra cash just in case!

Hope theses tips helped and you have a fun filled summer ahead of you! 

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