Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stitch Fix | Box 3

I'm back from a nice long weekend and with it brings my a box of clothes at my door step! In the past three boxes I have only bought one thing, because I have found their pricing to be a little more then I would spend on the same items in Francesca's or Forever 21. So check out below the Fix I got this time!
Thought this fit really well (side note- I never wear tight dresses) but didn't like how front came into a 'v'. It felt like if I walked my lady part would hang out!
Pomelo Dress- $74.00

This was my favorite... but couldn't get myself to spend that much on it! Only think I would change is the rope sash to a belt. The sash didn't look right tied in front OR the back.
Ark n Co- $88.00 

This top came with the under lay cami. I thought this was super cute, but already have a shirt identical to this one.
Collective Concepts- $ 58.00

First off let me apologize for this AWKWARD looking photo! This was the last one taken, and my photographer aka Joe was getting very inpatient and just started snapping! I didn't like the heavy stretch material of this shirt.. and it was more redish in person.
Olive & Oak- $44.00

Oh how I am a sucker for baubles!! But I did contain myself from purchasing this since I already have a closet full of turquoise and stone drop necklaces.
Bay to Baubles- $32.00

All in all once again I liked the box, but couldn't bring myself to purchasing anything at that price. Do you receive the box... what did you get and what didn't you like?
Wanna get your own Stitch Fix Box? Check it out here

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