Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bar Crawl 101

This past weekend some friends and I did a bar crawl on Main Street, Bethlehem.  Maybe I didn't think the whole starting with Mimosa's at 1pm thing over?? Now that I can actually function again today, I thought I would give you a 101 on how to PACE yourself for a successful bar crawl
5 Steps to a Successful Bar Crawl:
1. Between every drink have a glass or two of water.  This will keep you hydrated and allow you to be able to drink more in the long run.
2. The whole point of a bar crawl is to be able to have a drink or two at every bar.  If you plan on pregaming before in an effort to save money at each bar, then do not have a drink every place you go.  Substitute alcohol with a Sprite or coke, allowing you to still have a drink in your hand while enjoying your night.
3. A bar crawl is a marathon NOT a sprint to the finish.  Most likely you will be starting early in the day and hopefully making it til the night.  You will need to pace yourself and not 'rip' shots and drinks every place you go.  Have fun with your friends and enjoy their company and hold conversations.
4. Throughout you day, you should make it a point to decide where you will have lunch or dinner.  By planning out your day and a place to sit down and eat will ensure you get food in your stomach.  See my map below for ideas
5. This is really a life lesson in general-social media is EVERYWHERE. Once something is on the internet it can not be erased.  Use your judgment when uploading to instagram or facebook- is this something you would like posted about you?

This is the map I made for our Bar Crawl. Even though we didn't get to all the places it was still alot of fun.  I have so many ideas for our next bar crawl like clues to our next place and maybe even a theme.  If you would like a custom map for your next bar crawl check out my Etsy shop!

Hope you have fun on your next bar crawl
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