Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wedding Dresses on a Budget


This post may scare some people. Just the thought about purchasing a wedding dress, Yikes! For me I have a while to even think about this time. I do have a lot of friends that have recently gotten engaged or are in the process of finding the perfect gown.  The amounts on the price tags for these wear only once ensemble. Between dress, shoes, under garments, hair & make up- that alone will force you to get another job!
You may remember this post from last May about Target carrying wedding dresses.  In the past couple of months some other retailers have also jumped on the ban wagon and made your once in a lifetime gown more affordable. Check out this dress for $99 at Target

On 'Good Morning America' a couple of weeks ago they did a segment about H&M carrying wedding dresses.  These will be at a price point of $100 or less. Check out the design below:

Costco broke into the wedding trend not to long ago also.  Their dresses are a little more pricier then those at Target or H&M but by looking at the images, I could see why people would pay more for them.  They are carrying 6 styles to chose from. Check out this style below.

Would you chose to spend less on the dress and use the extra on the wedding, reception, bar, dj, flowers, etc?? 

 photo heartssignature_zps360fcd0a.png

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