Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cotton Tail Bunny Garland

With Spring in the air and Easter right around the corner I thought I would share with you how to make your own Bunny Garland like the one found in my Etsy Shop.

Card stock
Ribbon or hemp string
3 Cotton Balls
Glue Stick

Start by tracing out your bunnies on a card stock of your color choice.

Use this bunny as a template:
Click HERE to download the template!

-Once your bunnies are traced, cut them out.
-Tie about 6" ribbon into bows. Using a dap of glue stick them onto the bunny.
-Cut cotton balls in half in order for them to lay better. Using a glue stick firmly press them on.
-Space the bunnies the length apart you want them.. I chose 6" and using small amount of glue to the back of bunny, glue the string to hang them 
-Wait tip all glue dries and hang!

 photo heartssignature_zps360fcd0a.png

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