Friday, March 14, 2014

The Luck of the Irish

Hope everyone is getting into the St. Patrick's Day spirit.  Growing up I never celebrated St Patty's Day.. Maybe this was because I wasn't Irish? Even in school, during morning prayers we would pray for the feast of St Patrick and maybe we had a 'color day' in which we got to pay $1 to dress in green.. but that was it!

Then I went to college. In case you didn't go to college or have never been on Facebook to see pictures of college students.. this is considered a National DRINKING Holiday. After graduating, unless you live in a town where there is a huge parade aka Scranton Parade Day or a bar crawl aka Erin Express, it just isn't acceptable to drink all day and night while wearing green head to toe, with possibly a tutu, numerous amount of beads and of course some type of sparkling shamrock! Last year my friends and I went to the Erin Express in Philadelphia for St Patty's day but this year I may stay a little more low key in Bethlehem since I am still fighting off a nasty cold.  But who knows where the day will lead me.  Only once a year you get to be Irish!

Like any holiday, I like to think of crafts and decor for the apartment.  Of course I turn to Pinetrest when I want to do this.  I found some of the cutest ideas, now if I just had time to do them!

Also check out these printable and DIY treat for kids, friends, or co-workers.

I made these for my little rascals at the cheering gym! Simply just add a Rolo or any type of GOLD foiled candy to the end of the cloud. I chose to tape my mine on in an effort to save some time!

Download the printable HERE

 I made this for a friend who LOVES Rolo candies and thought the mason jar was just the perfect touch instead of a bag or box! I got the colored twine in the dollar section at my local Target.

Download this tag HERE

Hope everyone has a great weekend filled with a little Irish jig and green beer! 

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