Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Wish List 14

I haven't updated my side bar wish list in a while.. So with Spring quickly approaching (fingers crossed) I wanted to share with your my updated Fall Wish List! I would say I did pretty well on getting my needs I mean wants in the Fall and Winter.  So what didn't I purchase in these seasons?
Rug- I knew this would not be high on my priory list to purchase.  In my apartment now there is wall to wall carpet and already have a rug in the living room to tie the decor together.  Maybe I could keep this on my save list for summer when I move
Kate Spade bag- Even though I loved this bag, I just couldn't splurge on it.  I did end up finding the Phillip Lim bag pictured for a steal at Target on sale.
Earrings- These Fossil earrings are stunning but I didn't end up purchasing these.  I did however receive these for Christmas!Fall Wish List-Updated
At last.. my Spring Wish List has arrived! Do you make a budget and list of key items you want to purchase or splurge on per season? I decided that for Spring I need to keep better track of my spending.  I am what you call an emotional shopper.  I am easily persuaded by associates and workers in stores.  If they are nice and help me, I almost always feel obligated to purchase something.. pair of socks, piece of jewelry, or a candy bar! Whatever it may be, I need to stop this obsession and learn to keep tighter reins on my wallet. Below are some items I will be 'budgeting' to purchase in the Spring months.  Spring Wish List 14
Lipstick// Denim// Aviators// Bikini// Watch// Nail Polish// Purse// Flats// Dress// Luggage//  Eye Shadow// Sneakers

If you are wanted to get a head start on taking control of your money, I went ahead and made a budget worksheet to see what I am spending on what.. Print it out and have your own. When something is on paper it is easier to follow.

Click here to download your own!

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