Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts

Love is in the Air!!! Well actually the cold, snow and ice is in the air.. but hey- at least it's February right?! Valentine's day is right around the corner and in case you haven't even started to think of gifts for your significant other I have taken the opportunity to give you some ideas!

Gifts For Her:

1.Diptyque Candle's are all the rage on the internet and among the blogging community! Although these may be a little pricey, you could always opt for a different candle (diamond candle- if you are in that right place to get the "prize" at the bottom!
2.Kate Spade Notebook- If your special girl is like me, one of my resolutions was to stay more organized.  After the New year I purchased a new planner and thought notebook and jotted down things to do, thoughts in my head, and blog ideas.  This has really worked for me so far.. and this book is just so cute!
3. Bauble Bar Necklace- I am all about the monogram, and LOVE this necklace. My eyes have been set on it for a while now, but just have not splurged.  A great idea if you are looking to get engaged.. get her NEW initals monogrammed on it and give that BEFORE the ring.. omg I would die (hint hint)
4. Beats by Dre- These are so popular and everywhere right now.  However, a more feminine option for her would be the pink ear buds instead of those bulky boys ones!
5. Flowers- You can never, ever go wrong with some good old fashion flowers sent to her work. I always say I am not a flowers person.. but something about getting that special delivery come into your office infront of everyone is so special!
6. Alex and Ani Bangle- Maybe she already has a collection of bangles or is looking to start a new one.. this would be perfect! Make sure if she already has one you take note of what they are so you don't get her one she already owns!

Gifts For Him:

1. Personalized Watch Case- Does he won a lot of watches? Even if only two this would be great to keep them in. You can also double duty it and he can place other special mementos!
2.Game Tickets- What guy wouldn't love tickets to his favorite sporting event.  Not only is this a great gift for him, but you get to spend time with him! Just make sure it's known to him that YOU will be using the second ticket!!
3. Team Jersey- Maybe his favorite team is too far away to actually go to a game (ahmm San Diego?) so what's the next best thing? An authentic Jersey of course! 
4. Beats by Dre- Well these look familiar! Get him the hottest headphones out there (insert Colin Kaerpernick "I'm the Man" commercial) ahh
5. Beer Flight- Maybe your guy wants to try an assortment of craft beers with his friends.. this can be used for a night with the guys, or turn in into a tapas and craft beer night and enjoy it with him!
6. Shaving Kit- Every guy does it! Get him an entire kit so this way there are no more excuses for him NOT to shave!!

Hope this helps as you peruse the stores and internet looking for that perfect gift!

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