Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Well time is running out if you have not gotten your special someone that perfect gift! You can check out my ideas here. So tomorrow will be the biggest date night all year.. have you made reservations yet?? Well if you haven't then keep reading because I have some stay at home and alternate ideas!
Oh and remember these cookies from last year.. 
Find the recipe here! Maybe you can make them for your sweetheart.. or a bake sale?!

Ashley's Top 6 Date Ideas

1. Have a takeout dinner at home and later go to a fancy bar for drinks.
Restaurants will be packed and most only offer a prefixed menu for this special night.  Why night have your favorites meal right in your own home! If you must get out of the house, put on your best dress and heels of course and go to a classy bar for cocktails and drinks.

2.Game night
With my busy schedule, its hard to stay in and just play a board game with my man. Take a night away from social media and just enjoy each other's company.

3. Recreate your first date
Whether your first date was at the local pizza shop, or at a friends house party. Try the best you can to recreate this.  Maybe have the same drinks or beer you had, make a similar meal to your first date, or go to a special place you first caught each others eyes!

4. Spend 1/2 day doing his favorite things and the other half doing your favorite things
My favorite time of day is weekend Brunch and Joe's favorite is a steak dinner! Compromise and do both! Spend Saturday with a mimosa brunch and a night out with beer and steak!

5.Tapas and sangria night
Maybe you are not into the whole big meal thing and rather have smaller portions while just lounging around. Go with the tapa's option and make a pitcher of Sangria
Picture of Red Wine Sangria Recipe

6.Go ice skating and have a hot chocolate bar at home.
With the Olympics in full swing, why not try your hand in some ice skating.  I have not gone ice skating since I was probably 12 so if you are like me, most likely you will spend more time on the ice then on your feet!
Go ice skating in Central Park....this would be fun for a winter day date in NYC! This is HAPPENING!
After all that skating go home and enjoy a warm up with a hot chocolate bar!
Love. Create. Celebrate. : Hot Chocolate Bar

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