Thursday, January 2, 2014

Sunny San Diego Trip

Well I can't say that I am happy to be home, or that I am happy to be in 20 degrees weather with winter jackets and scarfs and hats, waiting for a snowstorm.  The only thing I did miss was my little old blog! So (smile) you should feel very special!!
The weather was absolutely perfect! Not a cloud or drop of rain. Coldest time was at night when it dropped down to 50 degrees and that's when I needed a light jacket.  But as I go though my pictures and glance at all the memories.. I can't help to count down to our next trip.. ughh I better start planning!!

Here are some highlights from our trip :o) ENJOY

Tour of San Diego Padres- Petco Park

Highlight of our trip.. Chargers won and going to the playoffs!

So much Garlic and sauce 
Sad to be home.. especially flying home on NYE while everyone is dressed in glitter to go out!

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