Friday, January 3, 2014

Fun Four Friday

Hello all my wild and crazy friends! I know I am a little late today posting this, but see here in good old PA we are cleaning out from a snow storm! But here are some highlight from my past week (along with one low light..)

1. Christmas came and went especially fast this year. Not just because Thanksgiving was later then normal.. but because all Christmas Eve and Day I was thinking about my Trip to San Diego!
We left December 26 so we had a lot to get done.  It get anxiety on planes but having Joe there with me helped so much! It was an amazing trip and so with I was there right now instead of shoveling snow..

2.After having a layover, then a delay, it was so nice seeing not only a beautiful Christmas Tree in San Diego airport but also gorgeous lit Palm Trees!!

3. I have fallen in love and will not be able to break up with this relationship!!! I present to you tiramisu pancakes.. god's gift to me!

4. We lost someone very important to us this week.. Tiki the parrot.  Tiki was Joe's dad & his girlfriends baby bird.  She was the sweetest bird you have ever met and just loved to cuddle and follow you around (much like a puppy!) They had to put her down Thursday due having seizures after her wings were clipped to short and fell and suffered a concussion. Rest easy Baby Tiki.  You will always be a part of the family 
Tiki's on the left. This was their Christmas 2013 card.

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