Thursday, January 9, 2014

Easy Dinner Night

I know it's not just me that has a million things going on after work? Laundry, cleaning, making dinner?? Well the laundry and cleaning can wait when I have a free night to actually cook dinner.  I use the word cook lightly because I try to get as much help as possible when it comes to week night meals! I made this packaged pulled pork a little while ago and it was actually delish!! So I decided to make it again:o)

  • Grab some slider rolls and toast them- I don't have a toaster over, so with a little help from some butter in a frying pan I toasted them! 
  • I also picked up some premade coleslaw from the deli counter to put on the sliders.
  • You can add extra BBQ sauce if needed, but this pulled pork comes with enough sauce.
Purchased at Wegmans (located where the bacon section is!)
Paired the sliders with pieroges drenched in none other then hot sauce! Easy, breezy! So what's on your menu tonight for dinner?

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