Monday, January 13, 2014

Dry Bar

I've been seeing this whole new line appear in everywhere from Sephora, to QVC and blowing up blogs I follow.  So what is this new line I speak of?? It's Drybar- their moto? NO cuts. NO color. Just Blowouts!  They have 'bars' located in major cities and also do house calls per appointment & memberships.  Although I have not visited any of their stores yet, I have tried their dry shampoo and it quickly became a favorite!

I've tried numerous dry shampoo's for my hair before. None have satisfied my needs.  One even left me being sent home from work due to a migraine suffered from the smell of it!  The Drybar dry shampoo seems to work very well with my unruly hair
Detox - Dry Shampoo Spray - Drybar
Best part is you can purchase online here or at your local Sephora store.  I am looking forward to 
purchasing other products form Drybar such as the Frizz Fighter, Flexible Hold Hairspray, & Treatment Oil
 Hot Toddy - The Best Hair Heat Protector and Frizz Fighter - DrybarMoney Maker Flexible Hold Hairspray100 Proof Hair Treatment Oil - Drybar

Also, I would like to try using some of their 'hard items' as their Three Day Bender (curling iron)
The 3-Day Bender Ceramic Rotating Curling Iron
Their Smooth Operator (straightener) 
Smooth Operator Ceramic Flat Iron
And their Buttercup dryer
Buttercup - Professional Blow Dryer

However, these are a little higher priced, so I may have to save my little pennies for this purchase!

Did you use any Drybar products yet? If so what did you think of them?

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