Monday, October 14, 2013

Pumpkins, Apples, Donuts oh my!!!

What a weekend!! This post is coming at you a little late.. my weekend was jammed pack, but loved every minute of it!!
Thursday night began with our annual PINK OUT picture at the SEA Gym!! Man was that so much fun

Friday night after work I rushed home to make goodies for a fundraiser we held at the gym this weekend!!

I ended up not having enough time to make what I originally planned- Cheesecake cupcakes. So instead I turned to the alternative of good ole boxed cupcakes! I of course made them my own and added a few extra things!!
Pumpkin chocolate chip Cupcakes- Boxed pumpkin cupcakes & added chocolate chips to the batter. Added butter cream icing and a pumpkin spice Hershey kiss on top!
Candy Apple Cupcakes- Boxed candy apple cupcakes with butter cream icing & cinnamon on top!

Saturday morning consisted of bounce houses, bake sales & practice! We ended up raising over $400.00 towards the gym and new equipment! PS- That's my nephew Nate in the bounce house!

Saturday Night we went down to the shore house in Forked River, NJ.  Made reservations and went to dinner at Chef Vola and for drinks at the famous 'The Knife & Fork'- if you watch Boardwalk Empire on HBO you know why this is famous!!

Spent Sunday afternoon pick apples in the orchard, looking for the perfect pumpkin, and standing in line for 45 minutes for warm cinnamon apple cider donuts! Trust me they were worth every minute!!

So how did you spend your weekend??

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