Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Wish List

Fall Wish List
Today I present to you my fall wish list!
Rug- Even though I don't really have a home for this in my house.. I love the design!
Purse- I've had my eye on this for while.. and am secretly waiting for it to go on sale!! 
Iphone- My upgrade is not until January, so I'm patiently waiting to purchase this GOLD beauty!
Pullover & Sweater- I am crushing hard over all things comfy and loose this season.
Boots- Classic and stylish is how I would describe these gems.
Necklace- Jewels jewels jewels, will dress up the simplest of outfits!
Polish- My opinion taupe is the polish of the season. I've had at least 3 mani's already with it!
Purse- Second bag on the list.. but so structured and elegant at a portion of price of normal
Fleece- Comfy chic is the style. great for weekends!
Scarf- I find myself drawn to infinity's lately for an added comfort look.
Studs- Love the look of these rose gold earrings.
Tee- 'Plain jane' that's my style on the weekends when dressing up is not required!

What are some things on your list for the fall?!

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