Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pesto Pasta Salad

While sweating in my living room (currently going through another heat wave of 95+ degrees)  I wanted a dinner that would be refreshing and not that difficult to make.  Behold my creation of pesto pasta salad! Using only ingredients in my fridge and cabinets I did the best I could do!!


Box of pasta (I chose multicolored)
Cherry Tomatoes
Cheese (I used sliced cheese and broke into pieces, shredded or blocked would work also)
Spinach leaves
Black Olives
Olive Oil
Garlic salt (optional)


Bring pasta to a boil in medium sauce pan. In separate bowl, combine pesto with olive oil following directions on package. Cut tomatoes in halves and combine with olives, spinach and cheese.  Strain pasta and let cool.  Combine pasta with tomatoes, olives, spinach and cheese.  Mix with pesto sauce. Cover and let sit for about two hours until cold in fridge.  Add garlic salt for added taste!


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