Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blonde Confession

Ever go into a salon and want one hair style, but come out with the complete opposite?? Yeah well that happened to me.  My whole life I've been blonde (okay except when I was born I was a ginger!!) I love my blonde hair. It fits my personality and even though this sounds dumb it makes me- me! Sometimes though you just need a change. I walked into my salon with every intention on going to the dark side.. well sorta. I've been craving to get the ombre  look done to my hair.  When my wonderful stylist told me the process I'd have to go through, I mildly freaked out.  Step one was to dye my head completely dark (Brunette?? me??) then go back into my strands and highlight the ends.  As you can tell, if you follow me on Instagram I did not go to the dark side, completely. Just some low lights & high lights, a cut and some layers for this girl!  My stylist said it's completely normal for blondes to act this way, especially being that is one of my natural colors. 

Anyone else have this problem with their hair??

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