Friday, April 1, 2022

Weekend Rewinds | March 2022

We had a few unseasonably warm weekends and we tried to take full advantage of it!

I left work early one Friday to run home and pick out outfits for the boys Spring pictures. Even though I may look fully prepared on the internet, sometimes my home life if in jumbles! I thought for sure I had an outfit for the boys that coordinated without matching exactly- but I was wrong. Well I guess technically I was right, but didn't realize what a big growth spurt Joey had recently and nothing fits him! I was able to pull together outfits quickly and headed to the school to pick the boys up and get them ready. I think they looked pretty cute for pulling the outfits together last minute. I did tell Joey to make sure NOT to lift his arms or his whole belly would stick out! 


Overalls | Zara (old) similar 

Tshirt | Target



Henley | OshKosh

Denim | Crew cuts

Super hero Sneakers | Zara- slip ons (similar-dinos)

With how our Christmas family pictures went.. I didn't hold out much hope, but they actually went really well and NO tears from either boys. The backdrop was amazing and I am so excited to get the proofs back. 

When we got home, we had our neighbors over to order take out for dinner and set up for our pop up shop the next day! We were doing an open house party of Bellisima and my neighbor sells Stella & Dot!  That Saturday, Vinny is enrolled in sports class, and it was the last week for him. Joe brought him while Joey helped me with a lot of last minute things I needed to get done. My pop up was a success and got so many customers! I love showing people new styles and ways to wear them. We had snacks and mimosa's and lots of catching up with customers!

After the party, I cleaned up and we decided to just get take out for dinner. Joey stayed at my mother in laws that night so we got to spend some time alone with Vinny before his bed time, which was nice!

On Sunday, it was so beautiful out! It was close to the 60's so we took full advantage of it. Once Joey came home, I made waffles for breakfast for the boys and we cleaned the house a little. Joe took Joey to the store to get new equipment for t-ball which is starting next month. While they went to the store, I put Vinny down for a much needed nap while I trimmed some of the plants by the pool in preparation for the Spring. Vinny woke up and we played outside until they got home. I tried to teach Vinny how to work his new scooter, but he rather just sit on it! I busted out my new scooter so that I could have fun with the boys too!

The following weekend, I had a pop up for Bellisima at Barre3 Bethlehem, but of course we had (hopefully out last) snow storm. My pop up got cut short, due to the accumulating snow, packing up the car and driving home was NOT fun. But just as quickly as it came, it stopped around 2pm. We decided to stay in and make dinner and watch movies with the boys.  On Sunday, my friend Patti came over to take pictures for a new marketing campaign I was working on for Bellisima.

The next weekend was one of my favorites. We started the tradition last year of going to Long Beach Island for the weekend for our 'dating' anniversary. Like last year we stayed at Hotel LBI. Friday morning I held another pop up, this time at Barre3 Allentown. When I was done, it was so beautiful out that we packed up the car, and headed down. Driving down, the weather was hitting mid 70's but like always; on the island is was cooler. It was still soooo nice and we were able to stay in flip flops and short sleeve shirts. We checked into our room and went to the bar to grab some happy hour drinks and apps. When we finished up, we got freshened up and headed to a place we've always wanted to try- The Old Causeway. The is no call ahead or reservations, so we had a little over a 40 minute wait- but when we don't have the boys, we don't mind it at all. We grabbed a drink and hung out in the bar area until the table was ready. 

Blazer | Jeans (sold out) | Heels | Tank 

The next day we started off the day with breakfast at another favorite- The Local. I was so excited to try the Lucky Charms latte and it didn't disappoint. After breakfast we did some shopping! It was beautiful again out, so we shopped until mid afternoon and we met up with some friends at the brewery on the island.  It was such a fun weekend with no real time frame or schedule. But back home to our babies on Sunday we went!
Cardigan | Denim (similar) | Sneakers | Belt Bag

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