Monday, March 7, 2022

February Recap | 2022

 I can't believe it's March. Even though I am constantly saying this, time really does fly by... 

A recap of what we have been up to.. 

We geared up for the season of love and I got these adorable shirts for the boys off etsy. You can find them here. 
Shoes- Target (older)

Valentine's Day weekend we attended a book signing for our favorite author Adriana Trigiani. She is from my town and comes back often to hold fundraisers for the schools or the chuch. This time she came and talked about her new book The House of Love 

I loved spending the day with my big boy. It was also warmer that day, so we loved that we didn't have to worry about winter coats! 
My Outfit: I wore my favorite sweater that I have in so many colors, Spanx leggings, the cutest Vday earrings& Purse (linking a dupe one)

Vinny started sports class at our local rec center on Saturday mornings, so while he was at his first class, Joey and I snuck away to pick up the best donuts in the next town over.. Naz-O-Nuts. The two white ones are tiramisu and I have been craving them ever since we got them.

I had the honor of baptizing little Miss Hayden. 

Joey had a birthday party for a classmate earlier this month at a rolling rink. It was so much fun and he really enjoyed it!

And just like that the month flew by! On to March and the start of all things Spring!

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