Friday, February 11, 2022

Five on a Friday

 FRIDAY! I'm so happy to see you.. it's been a week.

We have all had the stomach bug or touches of it at least this week. It started with Vinny on Sunday and just went through the family. I am looking forward to a few things this week, so I am excited for the weekend to get here- besides the usual anyway. On Saturday a friend is opening up her first brick and mortar storefront for her candle company and I am so excited to go to her grand opening!  Also, on Saturday afternoon we have a local celeb coming back to my parents town for a fundraiser for our church. Adriana Trigiani, a best selling author is signing copies of her new Valentine's inspired children's book to help raise money for our Church's elevator. I'm plan on bringing Joey with me and my mom & I got tickets to go.  Then on Sunday, I have the honor to baptize my best friends daughter into the Catholic faith. And we can't forget about the Super Bowl at night, either. I'm excited for the commericals, half time show and all the snacks!! 

But anyway, let's get into the things that happened this week!

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I made this easy yet so yummy pasta dish this week. We originally got the recipe from Marley Spoon and it was so easy and good, that we had to make it again!


Joey helped me make cutest Valentine's cupcakes to give out to family and friends.  We made strawberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting topped with sprinkles and chocolate chips.

I finished this series of books by an author that is from my home town. You don't need to read both books either, but they are so suspenseful that if you read one you will want to read the next. If you like fast pace and trying to connect the dots, then these books are for you. I had put reading on the back burner because life just got too busy, but these books definitely put me back in the mood! 
Angie and her husband, Jeff, seemingly have it all: they are working professionals with their own successful business, have a good marriage and great children. As things unfold in the family business, Angie quickly finds out that Jeff is keeping secrets from her.

Jeff buys a business from Carl’s family and keeps Carl on as an employee. When Carl goes missing, Angie trusts that Jeff will handle the situation but when Jeff also goes missing, she realizes that that won’t be happening. Carl’s disappearance unravels lies and unimaginable deceit. Nothing is as it seems and no one can be trusted.

Anna, Carl’s wife, and Angie grow close after they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. They wonder who’s behind it all as they discover that they both have been hiding some things that might change everyone’s lives-possibly forever.

In this fast-paced thriller, a wife and mother must learn to rely on her intuition and the protection of her friends as she is surrounded by secrets and chaos.

Josie is going back to her hometown, which she doesn’t visit often, because it’s too painful. This time she is attending a funeral for a close friend of hers from high school, but she is still much closer to the family that anyone thinks. Mrs. P. has discovered something horribly unbelievable about her oldest son and she will stop at nothing to make him pay for his secret. She and her ex-husband, as much as she despises him, are joining forces to stop the family from enduring any further pain. Carl and Elizabeth are up to their old tricks again. Fitz is stuck right in the middle of his grandfather’s eminent downfall and he is pulling all the strings to make it happen. In this dramatic thriller family members come to shocking conclusions about who they really are and quickly realize who they can and cannot trust. The heart pounding ending is something you don’t want to miss.

I picked up these pimple patches at Target to try. I honestly didn't have too high of hopes, because none really worked before. However these you can see have a medicine that goes on the pimple. I tried it this week after one appeared while I was at work. I left it on through dinner and overnight and the pimple is gone!
they also have other different ones to choose from too.


On the boutique home front.. this pullover is only $20.00 plus I am doing 20% off everything bringing it down to only $16.00! We also are running a 20% off sale on the whole site *excludes final sale.. but those mark downs are so good in themselves! you can get some great steals for the rest of winter and wear them into spring too.

Final Sale  items can be found here!

Hope you all had a great week and enjoy your weekend!

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