Monday, August 23, 2021

Five on Friday- on a MONDAY

 Oh Friday.. you are my favorite! It's crazy to think there are only a few Summer Friday's left in this year. In PA the weather typically stays nice until sometimes into October, but just knowing it isn't considered Summer after August makes me sad. 

This weekend we have plans for dinner Saturday night, so the boys favorite baby sitter is coming over, and Sunday we have brunch reservations with friends that live in California! 

Here are some highlights from our week!


I recently received my fall order for my shop. In case you missed it, in the beginning of Summer, I took a leap and started my own online clothing and accessories boutique - Bellisima by Ashley Maria

Anyway, it has already grown so much, that I am running out of room! I am moving to a bigger warehouse space in order to be more organized, hold more inventory and keep growing! Super excited for the future with this little shop of mine!


Speaking of my shop, I am currently getting ready for my first Pop Up Shop ever! I'm super excited, but also not getting my hopes up at the same time. 


I am in full on Disney mood getting all this things around for our Disney trip so soon. we leave in a little more then two weeks, so I am preparing all the outfits, accessories and extras! I just got in the cutest shoes for the boys to wear.

How cute are the Minnie ones!!

Even though I am getting excited for all the Fall things, I miss watching the sunset on the pool deck. These sunsets at our house never get old!


With so much going on in this world, I invite you to pray. Doesn't matter who you pray to, or what god you worship- if any. There is new disasters every day, turmoil in other countries and still so much uncertainty with this pandemic. We need to all come together and pray for the world to heal.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and looking forward to a great week!

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