Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Weekend Getaway | Long Beach Island

 Friday I left a little early from work so that Joe and I could begin our weekend away from responsibilities. But the universe was like- nope girl.. not yet!

Vinny woke up with a slight fever, and I just knew he was getting another molar in. I don't remember Joey getting molars in this early, so it's odd to me at this young he is going through this. Anyway, I obviously couldn't send him to school, but the time he actually woke up, it was already past our normal time we would be leaving for my parents house. So I quickly got the boys around. Dropped Joey off at school and headed to drop Vinny off so that I could get to work. As soon as I pulled onto the highway my gas light went on.. I am soo bad about checking these things, especially when I'm in a hurry. I was able to get all the way to the exit I needed to get off and grab gas quick. Dropped Vinny off and headed late into work.. wooffff!!

Anyway, left work early to head home and get Charger ready to head to the sitter for the weekend. It was the first time him staying with anyone else, besides family. So we were all super nervous. He went right with her and was excited to start playing with her dogs.. and we were finally on our way!!


We checked into our hotel. We stayed at Hotel LBI with is practically a brand new hotel on the island. It's actually the only hotel on the island. There are a couple different motels, but nothing as big and elaborate as this one. The sun was just setting and it was soo pretty going over the bay that we could see from our room. The pool was also right outside the room as well that you can see in the picture below. In the summer they open up the roof!

We had dinner reservations at Raimondo's, so we headed immediately there. Fun fact- or you may remember if you've been here that long. LBI is very special to us, since this is where we got engaged. Joe threw a surprise party for me at Raimondo's with my close friends. 

Since it was lent, I got the flounder over penne and it was delicious! We also brought our favorite wine- Flowers. We got the Spiuedini to start and of course finished with some chocolate tarte cake! We were both exhausted, so after dinner we went back to the hotel and just crashed.


Even though we both woke up our normal early times, we were lazy and hung around the room for a better part of the morning. To go out during the day, I put on the cutest jumpsuit. Unfortunately it's not available anymore, so I linked a similar one on my LiketoKnowIt app! 

When we finally did get around to getting ready, we headed to another favorite grab and go place The Local. Joe and I both got breakfast sandwiches and shared one of their amazing large pop tarts (picture showing it already half way eaten!!) I got the special coffee of the weekend- Caramel Bourbon Cold Brew and Joe got a dopio. We ate on the patio even though it was a little chilly!

We went to the Lighthouse after breakfast and walked around for a little bit. It was chilly, but so sunny and beautiful. If you want to read about our engagement  SIX years ago at the top of the lighthouse- check it out here!

We hit up a few more stores on that side of the island before heading back to the hotel. I did a quick outfit changed and we headed to the other side of the island.

After leaving the hotel, we went to the other end of the island to my favorite stores. While I shopped Joe went to the brewery and then I met up with him for a drink. I actually ran into a friend from College there, so it was nice to catch up a little! 

After leaving that area, we drove down to the end of the island. There were so many surfers in the water and the water looked beautiful.

When we left the beach, we headed back to the hotel to go to Happy Hour. We were lucky to get a table in the bar area, and ordered a bunch of appetizers and drinks. 

I was so excited to see Blue Chair Bay rum on the menu with one the drink specials. I ordered the Endless Summer  with was Blue Chair Bay Rum, Melon Liquor, Fruit Juice and Rum Float. It was sooo good and definitely got me excited for Summer drinks by the pool. We ended up just staying at our table the rest of the night and snacking on different things. We had all intentions of going back out somewhere, but thought a nice quiet night with no interruptions of 'i'm hungry' or 'i have to pee' or lord knows what else was in order!


We ended up checking out early and heading to Wally's for breakfast. It was actually our first time eating here because the wait time is usually so long. But it was worth it. We loved the atmosphere and the food was delicious!  We stopped back at the Local to take some food home before leaving the island. We wanted to get home to the boys so that we could play outside since the weather was so nice.

It was so nice to get away for the weekend, but it feels good to be home with the boys and craziness as well! Until next time..

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