Friday, March 19, 2021

Five on Friday

This may have been one of the longest weeks. Daylight Savings still has me messed up and definitely has the boys schedules out of whack.  


After work I had a date night with Joey perusing the aisles of Target followed by Chick Fil A.. But I got the idea of giving back by doing a giveaway of a target gift card! But not just one, TWO Target gift cards. Head over to my Instagram and check on the picture posted yesterday 3/18 to see how to enter!! It's so easy and who doesn't love Target!!


Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day, so Tuesday night we set out our Leprechaun trap hoping we would get lucky and catch him. We didn't catch him, but must have scared him, because he dropped two packets of gold coins that the boys got to share!


We officially got the emails for both t-ball and soccer in the Spring that we signed Joey up for. Guess who the head coach for Joey's t-ball team is? JOE! I volunteered him when I signed Joey up, but he loves it (even if he doesn't show it right now!). Joe played baseball his whole life and even in College, so he will make a great coach! We already purchased his shin guards as well as cleats. But I can't wait to see him in his uniforms!


Talking about T-ball and soccer, our schedules are about to get a whole lot busier!! This winter we turned part of our garage into a mud room and I hung this acrylic calendar  and it has been the best things for keeping track of where everyone is going! 


After work today, we are going on a little getaway to Long Beach Island for the weekend. I am SO ready for this! I had the idea that I wanted to go antiquing one weekend and that lead to heading down to the shore and then staying the weekend. I was debating taking the boys with us, but finally made the decision for them to spend the weekend with Gaga and Poppy. 

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